poochyenah asked: Hiya, do you think you could do a demo of the different accents in the comic? People keep bringing up Duane's accent and I have a hard time picturing what it could sound like. I'm dying to know.

Aww, I think you guys should use your imaginations! I’m no sort of voice actor so I wouldn’t be any good at a demo, and I hate to compare any of the accents to ones in our world since Unsounded is meant to be fantasy. Whatever your guess is for the accents is as good as any, I say.

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Limestone Quarry (ライムストーン運搬溝)
Composition & Arrangement: Hitoshi Sakimoto (崎元仁)
Game: Vagrant Story
Album: SSCX-10042 | VAGRANTSTORY Original Soundtrack


This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

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If you don’t mind do you think I could take a crack at recording the lyrics you have?

That would be delightful! You may want to wait for next week’s pages though, there’s a whole song :D I think I’m going to post the whole thing in one lump on Monday, then skip the rest of the week’s updates.

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kattohsky asked: So with the song this particular lady is singing, is there like a full version of it and are you planning on having it actually sung?

There are a few more pages to the song next week, yep. Or do you mean am I actually going to hire a singer and have music written?XD That is beyond my means, I’m afraid.

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Anonymous asked: I want you to know that, while the newest page was amazing and I love it in everyway, it surprised me. I turned away for a second to talk to my roommate, turned around and BOOM. Singers on ropes and singing whores moving across the screen. I loved it. Keep up the good work.


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- in Texas for a whirlwind tour of relative-viewing

- Texas is a very flat state

- said flatness encourages the rapid growth and overpopulation of the state animal, the parking lot

- Texans are thereby encouraged to shoot any parking lots which appear to be starving or in distress

- more literal-minded Texans are advised that the preceding was a joke

- also, I walked fifteen blocks in Houston, did not encounter a single other pedestrian

- in another month, I could not walk a single block in Houston without dying of heatstroke

- it should be noted that the preceding is not a joke (but that I am a wuss when it comes to heat)

- my pee now smells like chile con queso

- that is okay with me

- because queso is awesome

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Anonymous asked: Did you ever own a N64? If so, what were your fav games to play on it?

Never had one. Went Atari>NES>SNES>PSX>PS2 then abandoned consoles for PC and handhelds.

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Took a break earlier today to experiment with stuff

ALSO, I’m incredibly sad that CGHUB is shutting down. It was one of the most inspirational websites I’ve ever visited in my life, and I’m in disbelief it has vanished overnight and without warning. Very sad day.

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